We are a project-driven couple. As evidence, here are links to some other blogs we’ve created or we follow.

Tongue-in-cheek coffee shop reviews by Alisa & Noel

Sweet Girl Studios, art by Alisa

Urban Homesteader Living simply in the city.

Miss Minimalist – ‘nuf said.

Married with Luggage. Follow our friends Betsy and Warren on a “Three year global tour”…having shed their huge house, corporate jobs, and all their belongings to see the world, they embarked on their trip just this weekend (October 2, 2010).

Bindu Wiles – An Awakened Life. Check out her “shed project” among others…A life coach whose focus is on living simply and authentically.

Loving Raw. An incredible site by Philip McClusky, who podcasts and writes about eating well, living well, spirituality, living authentically, and more.

She Eats Bears. A simply beautiful website featuring Marisol’s simple and gorgeous meals, most of which are made with the freshest, living ingredients.

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