Another Story (via Awakening Storylines)

This story by Deborah Milton is a must-read. It beautifully describes an experience we shared this week, sitting around the fire, listening to a very long and beautiful Iroquois story. The evening was magical – as we called in our ancestors with our howls, we were answered back by coyotes all around us, and later, then came to join us again as we closed our circle. Like Deborah, I thought of my own ancestors who would have passed their evenings in the dark, around a fire, sharing stories – not watching “The Bachelor” on television!

Another Story The story seems endless. In that way maybe the plotline replicates life. We keep thinking we’ve solved a problem, reached a conclusion, turned a corner only for another something to show up. The story is so long that it helps me imagine my ancestors sitting around a fire for days listening to a zigzagging ramble of a tale. What really impresses me, though, is the storyteller’s ability to remember. His drumming hands don’t miss a beat and his narr … Read More

via Awakening Storylines


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