Question(s) of the Day

Why do I do what I do? (Be it a job, full time mothering, a professional association we belong to, volunteering, etc.).

Is it working for me?

How would the world change if each of us asked ourselves this question upon rising every day, and were willing to be brutally honest. If you found something wasn’t working, what changes would you begin to make in your life, to maximize your happiness each day?

Gone fishin'

I’d love to hear from you~!


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One response to “Question(s) of the Day

  1. Other important questions we might ponder – What do I realllllly want to do today? How does my energy flow and where does it find the easiest passage? In other words, what “magnetizes” me today?

    Think how our culture would change if we could respond with affirmative action to the answers to such questions.

    Thanks for the clear waters and meditative posture in your photo…lovely.

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