Today’s inexpensive, stay-at-home, rainy-day activity? Making tamales from scratch. Now we know why our grandmothers didn’t need to go the gym. Cooking was their workout! After a few tips from Noel’s gramma on the telephone (remember our chile rellenos?) we commenced our project.

We made vegetarian tamales; the filling was a mix of sauteed corn, cilantro, diced red peppers, diced green tomatoes (from my own garden), onion, cumin, salt, and salsa verde. I put some green olives in mine, which I’d had years ago, and loved.

Enjoy the show….! They were delicious…so delicious we forgot to take final photos….I’ll shoot some when we have leftovers tomorrow, promise! Jack even joined us for a masa spreading lesson, and agreed they were quite good!

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2 responses to “Tamales!

  1. Michelle Felt

    Nice photos! The corn sauté looks delicious!!

    • Thanks, Michelle! It was delicious! The secret ingredient (in my mind) was cumin. To make the masa, I’d mix together 4 cups of corn flour, 1 cup of oil, a glove of garlic or garlic powder, and chicken broth (around 1-2 cups) until the dough is fluffy and moist, and easily spreads on the corn tortillas. Thanks for following us!

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