An urban water solution!

Having grown frustrated filling the filtered water pitcher several times a day, and trying to keep it clean (ick), then wondering if I’d been using the filter for more than the subscribed however-many-gallons-it’s-supposed to filter, I tossed it into the garbage once and for all. I live in an old trailer home with questionable pipes, so I do NOT drink tap water, despite living on pristine Bainbridge Island.

As I perused the website one day, I came across a great solution for drinking water. I found a photo of a vintage ceramic dispenser which could hold a 3 or 5 gallon, refillable container on top. I live near two health food stores that sell incredible water for 41 cents a gallon….now the hunt was on to find that dispenser!

Amazingly, I found the perfect dispenser on my first trip to an antique store in Port Orchard, for only $12.00, including the stand. The water bottle from Central Market was another $8, and the first 3 gallons of water cost me 82 cents (they gave me a 41 cent discount on the first gallon..haha)….Now I’m in business with drinking water. The nasty water pitcher is gone, and I have a great looking addition to my butcher block table. What do ya’ll think?



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2 responses to “An urban water solution!

  1. Gwen

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it Alisa! It’s perfect!

  2. Aww, thanks Gwen! It was fun to pull together!

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