Juicing – it ain’t just for humans~

Still carrying on my little raw foods experiment in the absence of the company of my lovely lady who is still cramming for the BAR exam (it’s this week, woohoo!)  Good luck, honey!

Meanwhile, the BAR widow remains at home eating mostly raw, juicing lots, making yummy smoothies, and finding all kinds of “normal” foods that happen to be raw, like ceviche and tabbouleh!   Again, I tell you that almost anything is delicious with the right  condiments, in my case any variation of fish sauce (I usually make some mixture of fresh lime juice, fish sauce, garlic, honey or agave, a bit of water, maybe some ginger, soy and/or hot chili oil).  YUM!

This morning I made a fantastic green papaya salad using the above-mentioned sauce…so simple!  I julienned green papaya, carrots, cucumbers, and onion.  I tossed them in a bowl with the sauce and a handful of sesame seeds, and voila!  Living health in a bowl.

So about juicing…when I clean out my juicer, I usually run a bunch of water through it between uses each day (rather than taking the darn thing apart after each and every use…I DO have better things to do with my time!)  But I was feeling guilty for throwing away the enzyme-rich veggie tea away…so…I started watering my veggie garden with the stuff…I’m growing snap peas, eggplant, tomatoes, and Anaheim peppers (oh, yes my honey will be making me MORE chili rellenos when she’s freed up from studying in August!)

So here is my monster tomato plant, that seems to love his veggie tea dose each day!  Bet these will be some killer tomatoes…little shop of horrors’ got nothing on us!  Not to mention, my snap peas are the best I’ve ever tasted.  I pluck them right off the bush and eat them right there!

Here’s a pic of my plant and some of my raw food meals lately…delicious fruit salads every morning, with pineapple, banana, blueberries, and mango.

Oh..and here are a few of the benefits I’ve seen so far (would I be doing  all this just for no reason at all?)….my skin looks fantastic..I haven’t even been wearing makeup lately, my restless leg syndrome seems to have passed, I’m sleeping much better at night, my mood is much improved, & I have a lot more energy.  Oh, and I’ve lost 8 lbs or so.  I’ve had a few days where I felt like CRAP and I suppose I was detoxing, but overall, I feel better than ever, and I’m excited to stay on this journey of eating mostly raw, and otherwise vegan (well, except for the occasional plain Greek yogurt (to make cold cucumber soup and tatziki) and raw cheese when I can get it as a treat.

Oh, and the best dinner ever!…..I julienned some yellow squash to make noodles.  Then I tossed together some finely chopped fresh tomato, onion, sun dried tomatoes, capers, Himalayan sea salt, garlic, and olive oil.  I poured it over the noodles and had the MOST SATISFYING spaghetti dinner ever.  Delish!

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  1. I have been juicing for about two months now and I don’t know how I lived with it before!

    I am like you in that I tend to just rinse it really well most of the time. I am juicing my breakfast and dinner (and don’t have a dishwasher) so it would be tedious to laboriously wash all the pieces every single time!

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