How a little black cardigan became a coat

It all started with a spontaneous visit to the Seattle store, Goods for the Planet.  I drive by it whenever I have to go to my office in South Lake Union, but I’d never stopped.  On Thursday, I had 1/2 an hour to kill, so I dropped in.  Loved the place and picked up some bamboo picnic utensils, plastic cups (Where did the boy put the 20 we used to have, along with all the forks?  It’s a mystery.)  And a hanging fruit basket for my newly abundant mangos, tomatoes, bananas, limes and lemons.

While in the store I noticed a huge pile of rolled up fabric, each large satchel containing about 6 different but complimentary fabrics and colors.

Enter the “Great Coat Challenge”~  So I grabbed a free bundle of cool fabric, a bunch of buttons and some trim.  This morning I pulled an old black cardigan I bought for something like 2 dollars at Value Village, and I re-imagined it as a coat.  Enjoy the pics…not done yet, but getting there!  Any ideas???

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