Raw, raw, ah, ah, ahhhh, La, La Oo La La..

A nod to all the Lady Gaga fans out there.  But speaking of raw….

Scored a $230 Acme juicerator and a vintage (and very powerful!) Osterizer blender at the Rotary Auction last week.  Got both for $40!  Noel got herself a juicer, and we both got a bag full of great clothes (including flip flops and a great leather purse) for $10 each, I might add.  Love our annual auction – takes up the entire middle school grounds.  I’m loving eating mostly raw (with some Ezekial sprouted bread and tortillas tossed in for variety).  I’ve discovered raw almond butter, raw cheese, raw honey, and last night, found cold pressed (raw), Turkish olive oil at Seattle’s open studios night!  I feel like I’m always on a scavenger hunt for the hidden raw foods in a store…it’s great fun.   Noel’s feeling much better, drinking a variety of green smoothies, and feels it’s helping her prepare for the BAR exam coming up on the 26th.

I haven’t had any of the negative side effects people describe when going on a raw diet because I think my diet was pretty clean already…although a couple of nights this week I slept 10 hours!  However, I’ve had tons of energy during the day, my sinuses have cleared up, and I have a lot more mental clarity – the BRAIN FOG is gone!  And I’m sleeping much better – waking up during the night much less frequently.

Followed the auction with attending Heather and Sean’s most amazing wedding ever…a bunch of us were asked to prepare foods which created the most amazing vegetarian feast….lots of baked polenta, fresh green salads, a cheese and bread/cracker bar, roasted veggies, sushi, and home brewed beers and wines (I don’t suggest drinking a lot of honey wine on an empty stomach after sitting in the sun for 4 hours, though!).  I have the feeling that wasn’t the typical 12% alcohol you find in most wines?!  Heather?  Sean? Had a blast with our extended family, Larry, Jillian, Maya, Eli, and Noel joined us later in the evening after studying all day.

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