The Raw Truth

I hope that headline was enough to get you reading today!

The raw truth is that both Noel and I love to eat.  We love to eat large quantities of starchy, sweet food. We love bread, cake, donuts, cupcakes, pasta….see a theme here folks?  We also both complain about being tired, lethargic, and foggy-brained too much of the time.  With her studying for the BAR and me, well, trying to establish some new goals for my future, I thought it was time to try a new approach to eating.

As I’ve said, I believe my recently-deceased mother is possessing me because I’ve become consumed with cooking healthy foods, planning meals and grocery shopping, all of which I used to abhor.  This is coming in handy, because although I was the poster child for gastric bypass surgery for nearly 4 years, my weight climbed alarmingly high this winter as I packed on 20 unexpected pounds (as did Noel).

Then, over the last week, several synchronous things happened (including a mind-blowing hypnosis session with healer-extraordinaire, Scott Whittaker) and more conversations with my cousin, Gwen (who I’m only just now getting to know) who is a raw-foodist.  Raw food you ask?  What?  Ick!

Let me tell you where I am just for today.  Just for one week, and for today, before I put something in my mouth, I’m going to ask myself, is it alive or is it dead?  If it’s alive, I’ll eat it.  If not, I won’t.  That simple.  (Dead being anything cooked over 118 degrees, or processed foods).  This leaves me with veggies, sprouted grains (for now, I’m still including cooked emmer, wild rice, cooked beans, and coffee during the initial stages of this transition – it’s all about balance, folks), nuts, fruits, raw juices, and much more.

Yesterday I ate two huge salads with lime & olive oil dressing, a whole grain rice, bean and raw veggie salad, lots of coconut juice, green drinks/shakes, almonds, homemade hummus and sprouted Ezekial bread with coconut oil (in the place of butter).  I had so much energy, that I was up very late, then woke up at 5:30am, ready to face the day…

Life begets life.  It’s that simple…so wish us luck on this journey…I won’t tell you our starting weights, but I expect us to lose significant weight (anticipating our “after pics”), improve our skin (we’ve both been having breakouts), reduce respiratory allergies (mine have been going wild), increase mental clarity, and generally improve our outlook on life.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress…spiritual, emotional, and physical…

Meanwhile, here are a few pics of us at our best (in recent years!), to keep us inspired…

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Philip is a really inspiring guy…he’s worth watching.

LovingRaw with Philip McClusky



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3 responses to “The Raw Truth

  1. Gwen

    Congrats you two!! You won’t regret it, but from now on you will always judge the food you eat and put it in the nasty catagory if it’s dead. That doesn’t mean you won’t eat it, but at least you’ll know it’s nasty and not doing one single thing to improve your health. It will always be nagging at you in the back of your mind and that’s a good thing :).

  2. Paula Gerstenblatt

    Wow you guys, I am impressed. Perhaps I will become inspired and follow your lead. It seems when we need to take care of ourselves the most we capitulate. So, here’s to a healthy week of eating yourselves ALIVE!
    ps. Rena is studying for a CA bar…not fun!

  3. aunt karra

    noel is so hot with short hair! omg

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