Solo endeavors…for now…

Hi all!  Still a BAR widow and trying to make the best of it.

I’m gaining weight by the day as I try my hand at new recipes, such as a delicious mango and shrimp salad yesterday, and Thai curry veggies over emmer, this morning for breakfast (and soon to be, a late lunch).

I also was working on a collage that didn’t seem to have any focus, until I realized it was all about my mom, who died last Fall…it’s entitled “Call me”.

Our relationship since I was age 12 was primarily over the phone.  We saw each other something like 8 times in 35 years…she was a shut-in between moves, and I think traveling to see us or preparing her house to welcome guests was just too much for her.  But I truly enjoyed our monthly phone calls (well, except for the part where she perseverated on her health issues in magnificent detail).  But she did instill in me a love of beauty, spirituality and faith, a love of wholesome foods, curiosity (she was always researching something), politics and more.

I’m missing her right now.  The other day I wanted to call her to tell her something about Jack, and she wasn’t there, and there was no one else who would have appreciated so much what I wanted to share.

I miss you, mom.  And I miss you, Noel!  Looking forward to August (when perhaps the sun will come out again???)

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2 responses to “Solo endeavors…for now…

  1. aunt karra

    so sweet, alisa. your mama is so beautiful. you can still call, but its really long distance now….

  2. Paige

    Good blogs. Good pictures. Good luck to you and Noel on the raw foods stuff. And to her on the BAR exam. This blog about your mom was particularly touching. 🙂

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