I’m a BAR widow

No, not that kind of bar widow – that was my 20’s~

My honey is studying diligently for the Washington State Bar exam and applying for jobs in Seattle, and I’m very supportive, but at the same time, missing my creator in crime.  (She’s licensed in California, but is hoping to stay and work in Wa.).

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Meanwhile, how am I occupying my time?  Getting back on a bike for the first time since my crash 10 years ago (I made it around the block!  I bought a cute little bell!  I’m planning my costume for the Fremont Solstice Ride on Saturday!), I’m helping Jack scrape and sandpaper the hull of his new skiff (but oh, the neck), photo-journaling Jack’s refinishing project, gardening, sitting on my sunny porch, reading books on all-natural cooking, and helping Noel develop a nutritious meal plan to get her through the next 6 weeks!

Discovered a great new grain last night – Emmer (from Bluebird Farms in Winthrop)!  It’s like really chewy rice, and the cooking ratio is 1 part Emmer to 5 parts water, so it goes a long way!  It was delicious served with my lemon-curry chickpea dish, with a dollop of Greek sour cream!

Can’t wait until August…when I’m looking forward to our upcoming swimming trip to Lake Washington on the anniversary of our meeting last year.


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One response to “I’m a BAR widow

  1. sarah

    I seriously feel the same way, but you’ve inspired me to just start my own projects instead of being bored. Thanks.

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